Can internet and youtube prepare for UPSC? Know the story of IAS Roma Srivastava


Success Story Of IAS Topper Roma Srivastava: If you are told that with the help of internet and YouTube, you can crack even a tough exam like UPSC, would you believe it? Even though you may not believe this hearing this, but this thing is absolutely true. Roma Srivastava, who became an IAS officer by securing All India Rank 70 in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2019, did most of her UPSC preparation sitting at home with the help of internet and YouTube. He passed the UPSC exam not once but three times and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS.

Preparation by staying at home without coaching
While most people consider coaching essential for UPSC, Roma Srivastava believes that there is no better way to crack this exam than through self-study. According to him, with the help of internet and YouTube, you should do self study by staying at home. If you prepare in the right direction in this way, then you will definitely get success.

Such was the journey of UPSC
Roma took the UPSC exam for the first time after earning her engineering degree in 2016. He failed in the first attempt, due to which he continued his preparation without getting disappointed. In his second attempt, he removed the shortcomings and passed the examination but got the Indian Post and Telecom Service according to the rank. She was not satisfied with this and tried again in the year 2018. This time also he got success but according to the rank got IPS service. He made another attempt and fulfilled the dream of IAS by securing 70 rank in the year 2019.

Watch here and Roma Srivastava’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track

Roma’s advice to other candidates
Roma Srivastava believes that if you cannot do UPSC coaching then there is no need to panic. You can go to the UPSC website to extract the Civil Services syllabus and prepare your study material accordingly. Wherever you have trouble, you can take help of internet and YouTube. According to Roma, the most important thing is self study and maximum revision. Roma says that if you work hard continuously then you will definitely get success.

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