How to motivate yourself amidst failures in UPSC, know important things from Saurav Pandey


Success Story Of IAS Topper Saurav Pandey: To achieve any goal, we need a lot of patience. The same thing applies to all the candidates during UPSC preparation. Here those people who keep preparing with patience even during failures, they definitely get success in UPSC one day. Today we will tell you the story of Saurav Pandey, who became an IAS officer despite failing 5 times in UPSC. You will be surprised to know the story of Sourav’s patience.

job preparation
Saurav is originally from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. He got a job during his graduation and after completing his graduation, he made up his mind to go to UPSC. It was not possible for him to leave the job, so he started preparing along with the job. In the first 3 attempts, he could not even clear the pre exam. But despite this, he did not lose his patience. Finally, in the sixth attempt, he fulfilled the dream of IAS by securing All India Rank 66.

Learn how to keep yourself motivated
Sourav believes that the journey of UPSC can be very long for many people, so prepare yourself mentally before preparing. Apart from this, if you are doing a job, then prepare with the job. With this, you will be able to try for a long time and you will not face career problems. Many people also believe that while preparing for UPSC, people should also keep their backup. This does not put much pressure on them.

Watch here Saurav Pandey’s interview to Delhi Knowledge Track

Sourav’s advice to other candidates
After getting five consecutive failures in UPSC, Sourav had made up his mind to back out for once, but the support of family and friends inspired him to move forward. In such a situation, he believes that you should stay in touch with your family and friends during UPSC preparation and you should keep distance from negative people. Apart from this, review your shortcomings after every failure and do not do it in the next attempt. Preparation is the mantra of success by keeping maximum hard work and patience.

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