Failed 11 times in competitive examinations by reaching the interview round, then Sushil Suman succeeded


Success Story of IES Sushil Suman: To get success in any exam, you have to prepare with patience. But some people present such examples every year whose story surprises everyone. Today we will tell you the story of Sushil Suman, who got Indian Engineering Services by securing All India Rank 45 in UPSC ESE Exam 2020. You will be shocked to know that Sushil Suman had failed 11 times before reaching the interview in all the competitive examinations.

childhood spent in poverty
Sushil Suman hails from a village in Jharkhand where there is a severe lack of facilities. His parents were farmers and his financial condition was weak. He got very good marks in high school and intermediate, which increased his self-confidence. After this he cleared the entrance of IIT only due to self study. He did his engineering degree from IIT Roorkee. From here he had made up his mind to go to UPSC. He also turned down a good job offer for the sake of UPSC.

Becoming a teacher disappointed by failures
Many times when he failed in various UPSC exams, he started teaching in a coaching. For about 4 years, he served in many institutes of the country. They got married in the year 2016 and their life partner encouraged them to prepare again. From here he once again started preparing. Even after this, he failed thrice, but with the support of the family, made a place in the Indian Engineering Services in the year 2020.

Watch Sushil Suman’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Sushil recommends self study
Coming out of a small village in Jharkhand, Sushil, who has succeeded in the prestigious UPSC examination, advises all the people to do self-study. They believe that you should prepare for any competitive exam but do not forget to do self study. This will play an important role in getting you success in every competitive exam. At the same time, they say that do not be afraid of failures and keep trying continuously. One day you will definitely get success.

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