The story of Yogesh Patil is inspirational, he passed UPSC exam twice on the strength of hard work


Success Story Of IAS Topper Yogesh Patil: The story of every successful candidate in UPSC is great, but Yogesh Ashokrao Patil, who became IAS by securing All India Rank 63 in UPSC Exam 2019, is a special success in itself.

Patil cracked the UPSC exam twice in a row. In the year 2018, he got the All India Rank 201 in the UPSC exam, which made him selected for the IPS service. His dream was to become an IAS officer. In such a situation, he took the exam again and fulfilled his dream by getting success for the second time also.

Join UPSC after engineering
Yogesh Patil, originally from Pune, Maharashtra, did his engineering degree before joining UPSC. He had made up his mind to appear in UPSC during engineering itself. In such a situation, he prepared with precise strategy and hard work and showed success in both his endeavors. He believes that there are many misconceptions in the minds of people regarding UPSC, which is very important to clear. Many people feel that this exam cannot be cleared in the first attempt, whereas it is not so.

Yogesh’s thoughts on English
Yogesh says that most people think that success in UPSC can be achieved only by those people who have always studied in English medium and their English is very strong. Although Yogesh got his early education from Marathi medium. Despite this, he cleared the UPSC exam in the first attempt. They say that even starting from zero here one can achieve success.

Watch Yogesh’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track here

Yogesh’s advice to other candidates
Yogesh believes that no matter from which background you have come in UPSC, it does not matter by coming here you have to prepare from the beginning and only due to hard work can achieve success here. According to them, prepare according to your syllabus and make notes of some important subjects. After completion of preparation, revise again and again and give answer writing and mock test papers. If you prepare with full dedication for one year then you can clear this exam.

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