Ayushi did not get success in the first two attempts, changed the strategy in the third attempt and achieved success like this


Success Story Of IAS Topper Ayushi Jain: The road to success in UPSC is not easy, even for those who have been good in studies. No one has been able to escape from failures, but those who face failure with strength, success comes to them only. Similar is the story of Ayushi Jain, who became an IAS officer by getting 41st rank in All India in UPSC exam 2019.

Ayushi was very fast in studies but she got success in her third attempt in UPSC. After doing engineering, he got a job in a good company, but his mind was attracted towards UPSC and he decided to leave the job and join UPSC. This journey was not easy for him, but due to hard work and precise strategy, his dream came true in the third attempt.

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Originally from Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, Ayushi was very smart in her studies. He got more than 90% marks in his high school and intermediate. After 12th, he enrolled in an institute and got an engineering degree in computer science from here. After this he got a job in a company and he worked for about 2 years. During the job, she decided to join UPSC and left the job and started preparing.

face the failures
Ayushi had to face failure in the UPSC in her first attempt in the pre-exam itself. However, he did not lose his courage and made another attempt. This time he passed the pre exam but did not get success in mains. In such a situation, he changed his optional subject and made the third attempt with a better strategy. In the third attempt, his luck favored and he got the All India Rank 41. In this way his UPSC journey was completed.

Watch Ayushi’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ayushi’s advice to other candidates
Ayushi believes that to crack the UPSC exam, you should prepare with limited sources. If you collect more sources or study material than you need, then it will be difficult for you to prepare. She says that after preparation, do maximum revision and answer writing. Apart from this, analyze your preparation by giving mock test papers. During this, rectify any mistakes you feel and try in a better way.

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