Once there was a fear of failing in Intermediate, then in this way Nitin became a doctor and then IAS


Success Story Of IAS Topper Nitin Shakya: Every aspirant who clears the UPSC exam has its own story and struggle. Today we will tell you the story of IAS officer Dr. Nitin Shakya, who never expected to pass in Intermediate. Even the school people refused to give them admit cards so that they would not spoil the name of the school by failing. His mother got him the admit card after great efforts and from here his life changed completely. He not only passed the Intermediate examination, but achieved many milestones after that.

Luck changed during Intermediate
After getting the admit card, he worked hard in a very short time and got very good marks in 12th, due to which his confidence increased a lot. They felt that they could achieve anything with hard work. After 12th, he cleared the medical entrance exam and became a doctor after getting the degree of graduation and post graduation in medicine. During practice, he made up his mind to go to UPSC after seeing poor people.

Failed many times due to misunderstanding
Nitin reached the interview round in UPSC in the first attempt but he was not selected. After this they felt that they can easily pass this exam. He had to bear the brunt of his mistake in the second attempt. In the second attempt too, he failed in the mains examination itself. After this, in the third attempt, he could not even pass the pre-exam. Eventually his family and friends boosted his confidence and inspired him to make another attempt. This time he learned from his mistakes and became IAS after passing the exam in 2018.

Watch here Nitin Shakya’s interview to Delhi Knowledge Track

Nitin’s advice to others
Nitin believes that to get success in UPSC, you need to work hard continuously. If you fail here, rectify the mistakes and do the next attempt in a better way. Also, never be in misunderstanding during the preparation. Nitin Shakya says that you have to face the challenges coming here firmly and keep moving forward.

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