Yashwant Meena’s courage could not break even many years of failure, fulfilled his dream like this


Success Story Of IAS Topper Yashwant Meena: If you think that the life of a successful person only tells the story of success, then you are probably thinking wrong. The life of a successful person actually tells stories of failures which they have to face before achieving success. However, the world only remembers the end result. The journey of UPSC is also similar where most people have to wait a long time to get success.

However, Yashwant Meena, who secured the All India Rank 797 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2019, waited a little longer for success. After 10 years of struggle, he could achieve success. In these ten years, despair surrounded him many times but in the end his hope proved overwhelming to his failure.

engineering after intermediate
Yashwant Meena, originally from Jaipur, Rajasthan, was smart in studies. After intermediate, he took admission in engineering. During engineering, he decided to go to UPSC. After completing his degree, he started preparing for UPSC. Initially, he had no idea that his UPSC journey would be this long.

Yashwant considers this thing necessary
Even though Yashwant Meena got success in the fifth attempt in UPSC, but he showed amazing patience during this time. He believes that answer writing plays a very important role for UPSC. In such a situation, answer writing should be practiced as much as possible. They say that the better your answer is written, the better marks you will get.

Watch Yashwant Meena’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Yashwant’s advice to other candidates
Yashwant believes that UPSC’s journey is full of uncertainties, so one should not panic about failures. If you work hard in the right direction then you can definitely get success here. According to him, you should identify the weaknesses by analyzing your preparation. Also, by working on the week point, the preparation should be strengthened. According to him, hard work is the key to success here.

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