The astrologer had said that you will not be able to become an IAS, then this is how Navjeevan Pawar got success


Success Story Of IAS Topper Navjivan Pawar: It is often said that you can change your luck by working hard. If your intentions are strong, then you can definitely achieve your goal despite all the difficulties. Today we are telling you the story of IAS officer Navjeevan Vijay Pawar, whose UPSC journey was very strange. Before the UPSC exam, he became very ill and stayed in the ICU for several days, but he did not give up his studies. In this way he became an IAS in the very first attempt.

The astrologer said – you will not be able to become an IAS
Navjeevan hails from Maharashtra and he belongs to a simple family. His father is a farmer. He struggled a lot since childhood and after intermediate got a degree in civil engineering. After completing his degree, he decided to go to Delhi to prepare for UPSC. Here one day when he asked the astrologer his future, the astrologer said that you will not be able to become an IAS for 27 years. After this Navjeevan decided that he would definitely pass this exam.

sick before mains exam
Navjeevan was preparing for Mains after clearing the UPSC exam, when he contracted dengue. His health got so bad that he had to be admitted to the ICU. There was only one month left in the Mains exam, due to this Navjeevan continued his studies despite being admitted to the ICU. The doctors were also surprised to see his courage. Sister helped a lot in his studies in ICU. After recovering, he fulfilled his dream of achieving All India Rank 316 by passing the examination in the very first attempt.

Watch Navjeevan’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track here

Navjeevan Pawar’s advice to other candidates
Navjeevan says that if you want something sincerely, then the whole universe will be engaged in bringing it to you. If you have decided to go to Civil Services after clearing the UPSC exam, then you do not need to worry about any trouble. Whatever the situation, keep your spirits high and keep working hard. If you continue to study with the right strategy and better guidance, then you will definitely be successful.

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