IAS Success Story: Sarjana passed UPSC exam due to self study and revision, such was her strategy


Success Story Of IAS Topper Sarjana Yadav: Every candidate preparing for UPSC has a different perspective. Some people consider coaching to be very important, while some people show success by self-study. Today we will tell you about the journey of Sarjana Yadav, who got success in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019. He considered self-study and revision to be the most important and due to this he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Success in third attempt
Sarjana got success in UPSC in her third attempt. Lack of preparation was the biggest reason behind this. She was working till the year 2018 and was not able to prepare with the job. Eventually he left the job and completely dedicated and prepared for UPSC. This time luck favored him and he got All India Rank 126 in UPSC.

preparing for stay at home
Sarjana Yadav is one of those candidates who prepared for UPSC by staying at home. She considers selfie study and revision to be the most important. According to them, you should decide the hours of study according to your ability and follow it regularly every day. If you adopt such a strategy, then you can get success in UPSC quickly.

Watch here Sarjana Yadav’s interview to Delhi Knowledge Track

Surgeon’s advice to other candidates
Sarjana believes that you must make small notes while preparing for UPSC. With this you will be able to revise the entire syllabus in less time. Apart from this, practicing answer writing is also very important. Analyze your preparation by giving mock test papers and improve your preparation by correcting mistakes. If you study like this then you can definitely be successful.

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