IAS Success Story: Decided to leave the job of lakhs to become an IAS, with this strategy Abhishek fulfilled his dream


Success Story Of IAS Topper Abhishek Surana: The journey of UPSC exam of Abhishek Surana, a resident of Bhilwara, Rajasthan is quite inspiring for other candidates. His educational background was very good. He has been a very good student in studies from the very beginning. Abhishek secured success in the fourth attempt and topped the examination with 10th rank. Although even before that he was selected. His rank came to 250 at that time, due to which he got IAS service. However, even after this, he continued preparing for the exam. But he chose the IPS service, in which he continued his training and then gave the next attempt. This time he got the service of his choice and thus he realized his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Abhishek is an IIT graduate
Abhishek completed his early education from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. After this he completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. After completing IIT graduates, he got a good high paying job abroad. After that he worked for one and a half years. After some time, Abhishek realized that this field is not the one in which he should focus for a long time.

After this he left the job and started business on another foreign soil. Which was funded by the government. After working for a few years, a strong desire was awakened in his mind to come to the country and do something at the grassroots level. After which he left the business. Decided to prepare for civil services. During this he got full support of his family.

Temperament is very important for Pre
Abhishek gave pre four times and got selected all four times. He says that temperance has a very important role to play in clearing the pre-exam. He further says that before the exam a lot of mock tests should be given. You should definitely give 15 to 20 mock tests before Pre. Take the exam in an exam like environment and finish the paper within the same time frame. Be sure to clear the basics and small things.

Watch Abhishek’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Abhishek’s advice to other candidates
Abhishek says keep limited books and revise them again and again. Also, keep making notes. These help immensely in the preparation of the exam. You can make notes either online or offline. Answer writing practice is very important. Abhishek recommends joining classes to prepare for the Ethics paper. Don’t bluff during the interview.

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