IAS Success Story: Sometimes English became a hindrance, then achieved success by giving interview in Hindi


Success Story Of IAS Topper Dalip Kumar: The journey of UPSC exam is different for everyone. But all the candidates have one thing in common and that is hard work. To crack this exam, you need to study continuously and prepare with the right strategy. But the candidate whose story we are going to tell you today is really inspirational. Dilip Kumar reached the interview twice. But his numbers came down quite a bit. In such a situation, he made a better plan in the third attempt, removing his flaws. This time he decided to give the interview in Hindi language instead of English. His success paid off and in the year 2019, Dilip Kumar secured 73rd rank in the UPSC examination and made his dream of becoming an IAS come true.

The medium does not make a difference in the marks
Dilip says that which language you use during the interview does not affect the marks. Give the interview in the language in which you feel comfortable. Your exact answer matters in the interview and not the language. You can use some English words in the middle of the interview.

could not express himself well in English
Dileep’s schooling took place in Hindi Medium School. He used to express himself well in Hindi language. For this reason, learning from the past mistakes, he chose Hindi during the interview for the third time. Dileep used to prepare well during his first two interviews but communication became a hindrance.

Watch the video of Dileep’s interview to Delhi Knowledge Track here

Dileep’s advice to other candidates
Dileep advises other candidates to never bluff in front of the board during the interview. Because if you do this then you will be caught immediately because the experienced sitting there understands things immediately. Write thoughtfully about your hobbies etc. They may question you about these things. Adopt balanced attitude while answering.

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