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IAS Success Story: Niketan fulfilled the dream of becoming an IAS officer, despite all the difficulties, did not give up


Success Story Of IAS Topper Niketan Bansilal Kadam: The journey of many people to clear the UPSC exam is very difficult. One such story is of Niketan Bansilal Kadam, who came out of a small village in Maharashtra, who struggled a long time to get success in UPSC. His early education was from Marathi medium, so his English was weak. Due to which he was also made fun of many times in college. Ignoring all this, he made up his mind to go to UPSC and started preparing. He failed in the first two times, but he got success in the third time. In this way his dream of clearing the UPSC exam came true.

saw financial crisis in childhood
Niketan was born in a village in Nashik district of Maharashtra. His father was a farmer and the financial condition of his family was not good. He got his early education from Marathi medium. After this he took admission in a college for diploma and then B.Tech. During this time he made up his mind to join the civil service. Although the financial condition of the family was not good, due to this he got a job in a company after B.Tech. During this he continued his preparation.

Watch Niketan’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track here

don’t be afraid of failure
Even though he joined the company after B.Tech, but his mind was to prepare for the IAS. So he came to Delhi and started studying here. He did not get success in the first and second time, but he did not get disappointed and continued his efforts. He got success in the third attempt and he passed the UPSC exam. The special thing is that in his pre-exam, all three times he got more than 120 marks.

Advice of Niketan to other candidates
Niketan Bansilal says that when you come to prepare for UPSC, start with zero. The candidate who comes thinking that he is already smart, he has to face more problems. They say that you should prepare for both pre and mains exams together. Make the right strategy and work sincerely. He says that giving tests is a good thing but giving too many tests will confuse you. In such a situation, focus on your goal and put all your strength to achieve it.

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