IAS Success Story: After failing in most of the exams, Vijay decided to become IAS, achieved after long struggle


Success Story of IAS Topper Vijay Wardhan: Most people feel that only those people whose educational background is very strong can achieve success in UPSC. Many times people fail in small level examinations and take care of the preparation of UPSC from their minds. But on the basis of hard work in this field, such people also get success. Today, we will tell you the story of Vijay Vardhan, hailing from Sirsa, Haryana, who took part in many competitive examinations after his graduation, but did not get success anywhere. After this, he started preparing for UPSC and he got success in the fifth attempt here.

Engineering path chosen after intermediate
Vijay was born in Sirsa, Haryana. After intermediate he chose the path of engineering. After obtaining a degree in engineering, he appeared in many competitive examinations but did not get success. In such a situation, he made a plan to prepare for UPSC. He got failure in UPSC many times but he did not give up and decided to get success in this exam. Late, but his luck supported him and he achieved his dream by achieving 104 rank in the fifth attempt in the year 2018.

The day of brother’s wedding was unsuccessful
Vijay got a fourth attempt after failing three times. He hoped that this time his selection would be done. The day when the result of this examination came, it was the marriage of Vijay’s brother. He also failed in this examination. In such a situation, the atmosphere of the house changed, but Vijay handled the situation and, adopting a positive attitude, asked for the next attempt. In this way, he did not let the atmosphere of brother’s marriage deteriorate. Vijay came to UPSC with a very positive attitude, which also benefited him.

Victory advice to other candidates
Vijay believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to do your mind. Here you will be told many things, but if you want to achieve success, then listen to your mind and prepare accordingly. They tell that when they failed in UPSC 4 times, then people suggested them to leave this field. However, he did not listen to anyone and made a fifth attempt, in which he also got success. Vijay says that those who could not succeed in the UPSC examination should not be disappointed. Apart from UPSC, there are many such fields in the world in which he can make a good career.

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