IAS Success Story: Preparation of UPSC started after 10th, know the secret of success of becoming IAS in first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Vaibhav Gondane: Most of the candidates who have been successful in UPSC, after struggling for years, are able to reach their place. To achieve success in this exam requires hard work and patience. Today we will tell you the story of Vaibhav Gondane, who became an IAS officer by securing All India Rank 25 in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018. At the age of just 22, Vaibhav fulfilled his dream of civil service. For this, he started preparing only after high school. After preparing for years, he took the UPSC exam and got success in the first attempt.

Motivation is very important
Vaibhav, originally from Pune, Maharashtra, believes that it is very important for people preparing for UPSC to have motivation. With the help of self-motivation, you will be able to focus on your goal here for years. He believes that light studies here do not work, but you have to be fully prepared and prepare for UPSC. You must also prepare a better strategy for preparation.

Prepare in this way
Vaibhav believes that you can prepare for UPSC with a formula of 50-50. According to them 50% preparation can be done through reading and 50% preparation can be done through notes making, answer writing, mock test and newspaper. Overall, if you divide your preparation into two parts, then you will be able to prepare better. They also believe that we should also keep an eye on everything happening around us.

Watch Vaibhav Gondane’s interview given here on the Delhi Knowledge Track

Vaibhav’s advice to other candidates
Vaibhav believes that once you decide that you have to prepare for UPSC, then make it your priority. According to the syllabus, prepare the study material and make a schedule and get involved in the study. They say that read everything so deeply that there is no need to do it again. If you will be patient with honesty and prepare for UPSC, you can pass this exam in the first attempt.

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