IAS Success Story: 10-year UPSC preparations, despite many failures, did not give up hope, Yashwant fulfilled his dream


Success Story of IAS Topper Yashwant Meena: In UPSC, many people get success only after years of hard work. During this, patience proves to be the most important factor. Today, you will tell the story of Yashwant Meena, who achieved All India Rank 797 in UPSC Civil Service Exam 2019, who achieved success after a long struggle of nearly 10 years. He did not give up hope even after failing four times and fulfilled his dream in the fifth attempt. His story is inspiring for people who have become disheartened by failures.

Post-intermediate engineering
Yashwant Meena is originally from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He was smart in studies and after intermediate he took admission in engineering. It was during engineering that he decided to go to UPSC. After earning a degree, he started preparing for UPSC. Initially, he had no idea that his journey to UPSC would be so long. However, due to some of his shortcomings, he had to struggle long here.

Answer writing is considered important
Even though Yashwant Meena got success in the fifth attempt in UPSC, but during this time she showed amazing patience. He believes that answer writing plays a very important role for UPSC. In such a situation, one should practice answer writing as much as possible. They say that the better the way your answer is written, the better numbers you will get.

See here Yashwant Meena’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Yashwant’s advice to other candidates
Yashwant believes that the journey of UPSC is full of uncertainties, in such a situation one should not panic. If you work hard in the right direction, then you can definitely get success here. According to them, you should analyze your preparation and identify weaknesses. Also, the preparation should be strengthened by working at the week point. According to him, hard work is the basic mantra of success here.

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