IIT Goa adopts unique method for evaluating students, get students to prepare question papers


A unique method adopted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Goa for the evaluation of students is getting much praise. Actually, a screenshot of the analog circuit question paper of IIT Goa is becoming quite viral, which shows that the students were asked to prepare the questions themselves for the term end examination. Marks will be allotted based on the questions prepared and the answers written for the same.

Students were asked to prepare a question paper

The IIT Goa question paper was divided into two parts, the first part had 30 marks and the second part had 40 marks. On behalf of the institute, it was said that questions should be prepared on the basis of the lecture materials given. With this, the students were told that the questions they have prepared in the first part. Please reply to that. Along with this, it was also said that the questions prepared by the students will be able to know how much they understand the course and were asked to answer the questions in 2 hours. Along with this, instructions were given that their friends Do not discuss with. Scores can be reduced if students find similarities in their answers. Answer the question prepared by yourself. “

IIT Goa’s methad is considered unique

Explain that this method adopted by IT Goa is being considered innovative and unique. The Internet is not tired of appreciating IIT Goa’s unique approach to evaluating students. Along with the traditional method and open book examination, there is now another new and unique method which can be adopted.

On social media IIT Goa Praise for the method

At the same time, different reactions of people are coming on social media after this question paper goes viral. Some called it very unique, while some even made fun of it.

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