Students planning the study in Abroad, while waiting for the CBSE 12th board exam, follow these tips


Some students want to go for higher studies in foreign universities. But due to the corona epidemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 examinations have been postponed and no final decision has been taken yet on the exam. In such a situation, the students who have already applied in foreign universities and have taken admission are in a little tension. But do not let the students who are planning to go to foreign countries dominate the tension. The decision regarding the 12th exam is expected soon.

In this case, take advantage of this time. Students who want to go to Abrod for higher studies, during this time, can get a lot of information about foreign universities. Let us give you some tips which will help you a lot during the admission in foreign university.

Do research for various universities and courses

To improve your chances of admission to the university of your dreams and to make the most of your time there, it is important to know the courses offered along with the vision of the institute. Most institute websites, like HKUST, contain information as well as e-brochures and videos that give prospective students an understanding of the university’s culture, extracurricular activities, and the style of teaching and learning.

With this, you can also talk to the admission consultant of any university of foreign countries where you are thinking of taking admission, and you can understand better how to study there.

Can connect with students or alumni

No one can give more good advice about the university than its current students and alumni. Connect with these students. By doing this, you will get many information related to the university from them. You can contact these students through many university websites or social media platforms and can also get answers to your questions.

Visa, Learn about the application process for financial aid and housing

With the postponement of CBSE, you will have less time to prepare for admission in foreign universities, so what you can do now is to check the requirements. You can prepare documents to apply for visa, financial aid and accommodation as this process takes a lot of time.

You can visit the websites of immigration departments of different countries or regions for visa related matters. Mmission officers of most universities will also help you in this matter. At the same time, the websites of most institutions will also provide you information on housing and scholarship opportunities.

Learn new languages ​​and skills

Now that you have more time, you can also learn a new skill or language while staying at home. There are many universities that provide free online courses through Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms such as Coursera and EdX. You can also get a certificate for some of these courses. HKUST Fintech, for example, offers MOOCs on Java programming and Business English. There are also many other educational institutions that offer online courses for languages. Having a reliable skill and a little knowledge of the local language can help you study in a foreign university and adapt to life abroad.

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