IAS Success Story: How did Himadri decide the journey from engineer to UPSC topper? Learn


Success Story of IAS Topper Himadri Kaushik: Himadri Kaushik’s journey to UPSC was very good. He secured the 97th rank in the UPSC CSE examination of the year 2018 and made it to the list of toppers. However, even before this, they had been selected once. During these two selections, one thing was very special that both times there were very good marks in their interviews. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Himadri talked about his strategy.

UPSC Topper from Engineer
Himadri was included in good students from the beginning. Himadri received a chemical engineering degree from BITS Goa in the year 2015. This year he gave the first UPSC Attempt. This year her pre cleared but she remained in Mains. After this, he spent a year preparing for the exam and in the year 2016 he gave a second attempt. This time his rank was 304 and Indian Revenue Service was allotted. Under which he started training. In the year 2017, he took a break and decided not to take the exam. Then in the year 2018, she took the leave and sat in the exam and achieved success. This year his rank was 97th.

Do not use casual language
Himadri says that the interview is a very important part of the exam. You can do well in the interview by taking care of some things. During the conversation, keep your point with seriousness, tell only the point that has been asked. If you do not have an answer, do not smile and say it. Give a balanced answer.

Watch the video of the interview given by Himadri Kaushik to the Delhi Knowledge Track

Himadri’s advice to other candidates
Himadri says that during the interview the panel tries to provoke you, but during this time keep restraint and act wisely. Keep reading the paper continuously and discuss important issues with your friends. You will get benefit from this. Mock test must be given. So that you can get acquainted with the atmosphere. Also give interviews with the entire confidence.

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