IAS Success Story: Bushra passed UPSC with two-year-old children and full-time jobs, know their journey


Success Story of IAS Topper Bushara Bano: Bushra Banu’s journey to UPSC is truly special. Not only did he prepare for the exam with a full-time job, but he also took care of his child during this time. For Bushra, the journey to prepare for UPSC exam has not been so easy. During this, he faced many challenges. But he never kept any lack in the preparation of the exam. Let us know how was their journey in this exam …

Always been a very good student
Bushra has been a very good student from the very beginning. He did his PhD from Management after doing MBA. At the time when Bushra gave UPSC exam, she was doing post doctoral with the same subject. She was also employed in Coal India. He never quit his job during preparation. Whenever she got time, she used to study.

Keep these things in mind when choosing an option
Bushra says that the election of the optional should be done very thoughtfully. Also, some things should always be taken care of. Choose the option according to your strength, as well as do not get into any other talk. Always believe in yourself. She says that those who top this exam have very good marks in most of the options. So keep in mind that optional is a very important subject. Also, choose the subject in which you are interested.

Watch the video of the interview given by Bushra to the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Other candidates advise Bushra
Bushra had chosen his optional management topic. She says that while choosing the optional, it must be seen that the books of that subject and the material are available on the Internet. Make a schedule for the study and follow it diligently. If you prepare honestly then you will surely get success. Bushra passed this test between marriage, children and job responsibilities. Which is an example for those preparing for the exam.

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