IAS Success Story: Afraid of speaking English and failed in UPSC, but Abhishek became IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Abhishek Sharma: Most people feel that English speaking candidates in UPSC can achieve success quickly. But every year, many such examples emerge, which prove that you can achieve success in any language here. Today, you will tell the story of Abhishek Sharma, who became an IAS officer by passing the UPSC Civil Service Examination in the year 2017. He was very hesitant to speak English and due to this he failed in reaching the interview in the first attempt. In such a situation, he tried again in Hindi, but then failed. Finally, in the third attempt, he made Hindi strong and achieved All India Rank 69.

Early education by sitting on the sackcloth
Abhishek Sharma’s early studies took place in the village itself. The condition of the schools there was very poor. There used to be tin sheds on the roof and children used to study sitting on the sackcloth. Even in such circumstances, Abhishek had a passion to study. Most of his studies were done in Hindi medium. Abhishek scored 90.20% in High School and 93.3% in Intermediate. After completing graduation in 2014, he started preparing for UPSC.

This is how UPSC’s idea came
Abhishek’s mother was posted as a clerk in the SDM office. Abhishek went to meet him several times at the office, where after seeing the officers, the mind of UPSC came to his mind. In such a situation, after graduation, he decided to come to Delhi for preparation. After coaching for 3 months, he decided to return to Jammu and Kashmir and prepared to stay there. During this, he faced many challenges but he did not give up.

Watch Abhishek Sharma’s interview on Delhi Knowledge Track

Abhishek’s advice to other candidates
Abhishek believes that even if you are studying from any medium, you can get success in UPSC exam by working hard. They believe that the language in which you can give your answer in a better way, use the same language during the interview. It is not necessary that you speak in English. They say that you should prepare for UPSC honestly and do not be afraid of failures. Those who work continuously get success.

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