IAS Success Story: Preparation with job due to economic compulsions, Pravinchand became UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Praveenchand: It took some time for Andhra Pradesh’s GSS Pravin Chand to achieve success, but he never lost courage and always kept trying. Praveenchand fulfilled his dream by achieving 64th rank in the UPSC CSE examination in his third exam in the year 2018 and made his place in the list of toppers. He did his graduation from IIT Patna. After graduation, he joined the job. While doing the job, the idea of ​​UPSC exam came in his mind.

Preparing for the job
Praveenchand, after working for 2 years, took a break of one year and gave his first ambassador. However, he could not succeed in this endeavor. But he kept trying. Given the economic conditions, Pravin could not leave the job and prepare. After this, he joined the job back. But he made a schedule for studies. He got up early in the morning and started studying. Even after coming from office, he used to take time out for studies. Also, he made full use of the weekend time.

Used every brake
Praveen says that whenever he got time, he used to revise notes and read about current affairs. He also used the time of commuting to and from the office and kept on preparing. Praveen believes that it is important for you to use the time properly while preparing for a job.

You can watch the video of interview given by Praveenchand to Delhi Knowledge Track

Advice to Praveen of other candidates
Praveen believes that preparing with a job is a bit difficult, for this you have to put extra effort. Praveen says that it is possible to prepare with the job. You have to stop spending time with friends and coming out while preparing for a job. At such a time, you feel a great need for motivation. Do not panic at such a time and keep preparing. While preparing with a job, you may definitely take a little more time than a full-time preparation.

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