IAS Success Story: Self-confidence was lost and failed while giving UPSC exams, then after defeating the fear, Pratham achieved such success


Success Story of IAS Topper Pratham Kaushik: Most people feel that the UPSC exam is very difficult, which can only be passed by those whose economic and educational background is very strong. But this is completely wrong. The person of any background can pass this exam by working hard. Today, you will tell the story of the first Kaushik to become an IAS officer by securing All India Rank 5 in the UPSC examination of the year 2017. His story can be inspiring to many people.

It is important to trust yourself
Pratham started preparing for UPSC exams right from his college days. Many more people were also preparing for UPSC with them and most of them used to say that it is very difficult to pass this exam. Upon hearing this, a fear arose in Pratham’s mind that it is very difficult to pass this exam. Even after making all the preparations, when the first person went to take the exam for the first time, his self-confidence was lost and he failed.

Remove fear from your mind
After failing for the first time, Pratham first removed this fear from his mind that he could not pass this exam. Trusting himself, he again started preparing for UPSC. This time, with better strategy and double vigor, he appeared in the examination and was included in the list of toppers. In this way, he worked hard and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS. They believe that trust in oneself is the most important to get success in UPSC.

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First advice to other candidates
First Kaushik believes that while preparing for UPSC you should stay away from rumors and myths about it. You first strengthen your country and after that select limited books according to the syllabus and prepare. If you keep preparing for UPSC with constant patience, then you will definitely get success.

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