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IAS Success Story: After preparing for many years, appeared in UPSC exam and in the first attempt Mukund became IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Mukund Kumar: If you prepare better before appearing in any examination, then it will be easier for you to pass the exam. Especially before appearing in the UPSC Civil Service examination, the candidates should make a solid preparation. The story of Mukund Kumar, who became an IAS officer by securing All India Rank 54 in UPSC exam 2019, is quite inspiring. After preparing his graduation, he prepared for UPSC for two years. When he felt that his preparation was complete, then he appeared in the examination and became successful.

It is necessary to keep yourself Motivate

Mukund Kumar believes that you have to be self-motive while preparing for UPSC exam. If you will prepare yourself by patiently with patience, then it will prove to be a positive point for you. Actually Mukund Kumar had decided to go to UPSC to help the poor people. In such a situation, he worked hard to achieve his goal and fulfilled his dream by achieving success.

Prepare for pre-exam seriously

Mukund believes that UPSC pre-exam preparation should be done with utmost seriousness. For at least 6 months, people should cover the pre-syllabus. However, they say that you can prepare for pre, main and interview three together. You should prepare your study strategy and get involved in hard work day and night. According to him, the optional subject also plays a very important role in the preparation, so choose the optional subject very carefully.

See Mukund Kumar’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Mukund’s advice to other candidates

Mukund believes that for the preparation of UPSC, first look at the syllabus thoroughly. After this, prepare your study material and make a schedule. When the syllabus completes, start revision and practice maximum answer writing. They say that success can be achieved through hard work and patience in UPSC.

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