IAS Success Story: Bishakha, who is always ahead in studies, had to wait long for success in UPSC, success achieved in 5th attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Bishakha Jain: Every success story is different. There are some obstacles in every person’s path which he has to overcome and achieve success. It has been believed that the students who are good in studies have more chances to succeed in UPSC than the average students. But does this thing prove to be right every time. The story of Bishakha Jain, who has been successful in the UPSC exam 2019, denies this.

Actually Baishakha was good in studies and his numbers also came good in most of the examinations, but when UPSC decided to clear it, success was not found easily.

Came to UPSC after doing ca.
Bishakha’s student life was very good. Good studies and good numbers were part of his student life. How talented Bishakha was in studies is evident from the fact that he achieved success in the entrance exam of Chartered Accountant (CA) in the first place. He obtained very good numbers during his studies in CA.

See here the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track of Bishakha

After this, he made up his mind to prepare for UPSC. He hoped that the UPSC would also get success easily, but the idea of ​​Bishakha was wrong and from here started a long series of efforts to get success in the UPSC.

UPSC’s journey was like this
Bishakha prepared UPSC with great effort but here he did not get success in the first attempt. Although she was not disappointed and tried again, but the second and third attempts did not succeed either. The failure of three attempts filled her with disappointment and she started working in a private company.

But Baishakha was among those who did not give up, he continued to prepare for UPSC even with a job, although his fourth attempt was also unsuccessful. She did not stop and tried for the fifth time and this time she got success. In the UPSC examination of the year 2019, he got 101 rank. In this way, their journey is complete.

Visakha’s advice to other candidates
Bishakha believes that the candidates should be patient while preparing for UPSC. Because it can be failed many times. Therefore it is important that we do not get discouraged by failure and maintain patience. He believes that there is no other option than to work hard to achieve success in UPSC. They believe that you should prepare for UPSC with full force till the last attempt. If you do this, one day you will definitely get success.

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