IAS Success Story: In the first three attempts, there was no pre-clearance, then interest became UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Ruchi Bindal: Everyone knows that UPSC exam is very difficult. One gets success quickly, one takes time. Those who take time have to face a lot of challenges. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such candidate who, despite all the troubles, did not give up and kept trying. Whose name is Ruchi Bindal. Ruchi took five years to pass the UPSC exam. He passed the UPSC examination in the year 2019 with hard work and dedication and topped it as well. She was directly selected for the IAS rank. Let us know about his journey…

Their journey was like this
Ruchi Bindal could not clear the pre in the first three appearances. But she was never disappointed and kept working hard. However, it has not been so easy. She did reach Mains in the fourth Attempt but was not selected. After this, he corrected his mistakes. Eventually, his years of hard work paid off and in the fifth attempt, he passed all the three stages and registered his name in the toppers list with 39th rank.

This is how to prepare for pre-examination
Talking about the preparation for the pre exam, Ruchi says that to clear this exam, read a lot and practice a lot. This is the only way to pass it. One should not collect too many sources of the same subject. Keep them limited. When ready, give a lot of test.

This is how the paper of pre used
Ruchi says that there should be a strategy to take the exam. The more questions you can solve in the pre, the better it is. Ruchi used to solve the entire paper in three rounds. She used to do them in the first round, the questions for which she was absolutely pure. In the second round, the questions in which she knew which two or three of the four were wrong, then used to do them. In the last, she used to ask such questions, in which she was the most confused. So that try and try as much as possible.

Watch the video of the interview given by Ruchi Bindal to the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Advice to other candidates of interest
Ruchi says keep the source limited and revise it again and again. These things are very important. After the preparation is complete, give a mock test. Mock tests are very important in all three stages of UPSC exam. Focus on answering for men. You should prepare for yourself according to your plans, by doing this you will get success.

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