IAS Success Story: Prepared for UPSC with job, failed twice, but due to self study, Sarjana got success


Success Story of IAS Topper Sarjana Yadav: Often people think that coaching is very important to get success in UPSC exam, but due to all the candidates self study, they fulfill their dream of becoming an IAS by passing the examination of civil service. Today, you will tell the story of Sarjana Yadav, who became an IAS after passing the UPSC examination. He prepared for UPSC by staying at home without coaching and got success in the third attempt.

Preparing to start with a job
Sarjana passed the UPSC exam in the third attempt. In the first two attempts, he prepared with the job and took the exam. But he could not get success. Finally, in the year 2018, she quit her job and started fully preparing for UPSC. For this, he did not join any kind of coaching. Due to the self study, he attained the All India Rank 126 in the third attempt.

Internet support
Sarjana believes that you should prepare UPSC with limited books. By doing this, you will be able to cover your syllabus well in a short time. If you do not understand any topic, then you can understand it on the Internet. In today’s era, internet is proving to be an important factor for preparation. From here you can remove the material you need.

Watch Sarjna’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Advise to other candidates
Sarjana believes that you should plan according to your ability to prepare for UPSC. You should decide the hours of study and according to them, proceed on this journey. Try to read every subject with great depth. Once the syllabus is over, practice maximum revision and answer writing. Do not be afraid of failure and keep working hard. Success can be achieved here only by working hard.

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