IAS Success Story: Preparation of UPSC for fulfilling father’s dream, IAS becomes Shikha in second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Shikha Surendran: Many people dream of passing the UPSC Civil Service examination to become an IAS officer. For this, they also struggle for a long time. Today, you will tell the story of Shikha Surendran from Kerala, whose father’s dream was that his daughter should become an IAS officer. Initially, Shikha did not know much about UPSC, but gradually her trend also increased in this direction and she worked hard to get 16th rank in UPSC exam 2017. He spoke openly about his journey in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Trek.

Came to Delhi for coaching
Shikha decided to prepare for UPSC after her graduation. For this, she came to Delhi and joined a coaching here. According to Shikha, she got an idea in coaching that how can she prepare better for UPSC. She coached a few months and after that she went back to Kerala. He decided to achieve success through self-study by making better strategies.

Failed in pre exam in first attempt
After returning to Kerala, he started a self-study. He trusted himself and worked hard with better strategy. However, in the first attempt, UPSC failed the examination. Instead of getting frustrated with this, he rectified his shortcomings. In the second attempt, not only did he pass the UPSC exam but he also appeared in the list of toppers. In this way, in the second attempt, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

See here Shikha Surendran’s interview given on Delhi Knowledge Track

Shikha’s advice to other people
Shikha believes that for the preparation of UPSC, every person should prepare a strategy according to his ability. You start working hard by making a strategy. Once the syllabus completes, revise as much as possible. According to him, revision is the basic mantra to get success in this exam. Apart from this, write the answer and give maximum mock test paper. If you keep doing these things continuously then you will definitely get success.

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