IAS Success Story: Ashish became such IAS by correcting the mistakes made in his first efforts, know his journey


Success Story of IAS Topper Ashish Kumar: Small mistakes in UPSC’s journey become the cause of failure. There are many people who, due to these mistakes, are unable to achieve success even by getting very close to the goal. People who identify these mistakes and rectify them and make other efforts in a better way definitely get success. Today, you will tell the story of Ashish Kumar, who became an IAS officer by securing All India Rank 53 in the year 2019. Ashish got this success in the second attempt. Let us know in detail about his journey…

First attempt failed due to three reasons
Ashish believes that he made many mistakes in the first attempt, due to which he failed to achieve success. They say that there were three main reasons for this. Not being able to revise the first syllabus well. The second is not making the right strategy and the third is not to look at the previous year’s question papers. According to him UPSC should be prepared with better strategy. After completion of syllabus, more and more revision should be done and preparation should be done after looking at the previous year question papers.

Self study gives success
Ashish has a different perspective on coaching for UPSC preparation. They believe that it depends on you whether you do coaching or not. If you do not have the right guidance, you can join coaching. However, self study will give you success. Whether you do coaching or not, but strengthen your preparation by doing maximum self study.

Watch Ashish Kumar’s interview on Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ashish’s advice to others
Ashish believes that to prepare for UPSC, you have to first look at the syllabus and accordingly a better strategy will have to be prepared. You can also take help of internet during your preparation, but distance has to be made from social media. They say that after completing your syllabus, revise and practice answer writing. By continuously working with patience you can pass this exam.

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