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IAS Success Story: grew up in extreme poverty, failed in UPSC twice, then after 7 years job, IAS became ready again


Success Story of IAS Topper Azharuddin Quazi: UPSC is an area where you can achieve success on the strength of hard work. All the candidates coming here have different backgrounds. Today, you will tell the story of Azharuddin Kazi, who became an IAS officer after getting success in UPSC exam 2019, after listening to which you will also salute his spirit. His journey from the son of a taxi driver to becoming an IAS officer is quite inspiring.

Father used to drive a taxi
Azharuddin was born in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. His family’s financial condition was not good and his father used to live in a taxi. Despite his poverty, he decided to go to Delhi to prepare for UPSC after doing his graduation. They did not even have the money to go there. Like how he reached Delhi after collecting money. Here he gave a coaching test that used to prepare meritorious students for UPSC for free. He got enrolled in coaching and started preparing.

Failed twice, then worked for 7 years
In the years 2010 and 2011, he took the UPSC examination twice in a row, but he did not get success. Frustrated with the financial crisis, he filled the bank’s job form and was selected. He worked in a bank for about 7 years. When the economic situation improved, he left the bank job and prepared for UPSC again. Many people described his decision as stupid, but he was confident that he would definitely pass this exam. In the third attempt in the year 2018, he reached the interview round, but did not succeed. Finally, in the year 2019, he fulfilled his dream by passing the exam.

Watch Azharuddin’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Azharuddin’s advice to other candidates
Azharuddin believes that if you have the passion to pass the UPSC exam, then your background does not matter. You try to fulfill your dream right now in difficult situations. There is no need to back away from panic. If you work hard continuously with strong intentions, then you will definitely pass this exam.

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