IAS Success Story: Padmini made UPSC exam preparation and topper with job and pregnancy


Success Story of IAS Topper Padmini Narayan: UPSC exam is one of the most difficult exams, for which people work hard. But at times, some candidates are not selected even after hard work. In such a situation, the journey of those we are going to tell you today is quite inspiring. Padmini Narayan was working during the exam preparation and was also pregnant. She achieved her goal in only her second attempt and became the topper with 152nd rank. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Padmini spoke in detail about his strategy …

Padmini prepares like this
Padmini says that she was also doing a job during preparation, so she had a lot of time. She failed in her first attempt. But after this, he made preparations after keeping two sources in mind. One limited resource and the other multiple revision. He fixed only one book for every subject. With which he made preparations. When the preparation was good, he gave mock tests, Padmini considers mock tests to be very important for the answer of answer writing practice.

When i only got time to study
Padmini says that whenever she got a little time, she would start preparing, whether it was an office break or the time during her arrival. She had set topics for the whole day in which she used to study. On the way, she used to prepare for the news paper ie Current Affairs.

Watch the video of the interview given by Padmini Narayan to the Delhi Knowledge Track

Padmini’s advice
Padmini was pregnant during the preparation, so she also took full care of her health. She used to walk for 25 to 30 minutes a day and also took special care of food and drink. Padmini says that if you are willing to work hard, then nothing can stop you from achieving success.

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