JNU gave cleanliness- registration fee for semester exam did not increase, application process also postponed till May 16


Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has cleared that registration fees will not be increased for semester examinations. In fact, many fake circulars related to increasing fees were being issued on the Internet. JNU has given clarification about this. Right there & nbsp; The registration process has also been stopped till May 16, due to the terrible pace of corona infection.

Fake Circulars related to fees on internet are being issued
It is worth mentioning that these clarifications have been given by JNU regarding fees because these days registration fees and registration fees for the semester examination on the Internet Many fake circulars and information are going viral. JNU students have been advised to visit the official & nbsp; website & nbsp; jnu.ac.in for more information about the exam and registration process.

JNU has also issued a notice
JNU has also issued a notice in this regard stating that, "In view of the current situation, the process of registration of students has been stopped till May 16."


JNU strict instructions not to follow fake news
The university has strict instructions for students and faculty members not to follow any information given by sources other than the official website. Instructions have been given. The university statement also said that schools, & nbsp; centers or special centers, & nbsp; where the final semester examinations have been completed & nbsp; continue online teaching of next semester for these students without registration. May.
Significantly, this is the second time JNU has halted the & nbsp; winter & nbsp; semester registration process. & Nbsp; Earlier on 28 April, the university said & nbsp; was & nbsp; the application process will start on May 8 & nbsp; .
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