IAS Success Story: Son of farmer from a small village made top in UPSC exam, know his journey


Success Story of IAS Topper Anubhav Singh: Anubhav Singh of Allahabad Uttar Pradesh was a very good student from the beginning. There were always good marks in every class of his. Anubhav studied at the Ordinary Hindi Medium School. His father is a farmer and mother a clerk in a government school. He passed the UPSC CSE exam twice. Not only this, he also cleared the IITs earlier. In the year 2011, he prepared for the JEE exam. His success also brought color and his selection was done. After this, he completed graduation from IIT Roorkee. At the same time, he had also started preparing for the civil service. Let us know in detail about his journey…

Were selected at first
Anubhav Singh was selected in the first assembly itself. But after the rank came down, he got the Indian Revenue Service. He joined here but at the same time he also continued the preparation of UPSC. He passed the UPSC CSE exam in the second semester. He also topped the eighth rank. In the year 2017, his dream of becoming an IAS came true.

Ncert books important
Anubhav Singh says that UPSC syllabus should be looked at properly and pre, main and interview. Prepare all three thoroughly. Pay attention to those who pass the exam first. Must read NCERT books. Also revise again and again.

Watch the video of interview given by Anubhav Singh to Delhi Knowledge Track here

Choose the option very carefully
Experience says that choose the option very thoughtfully. Optional is very important, so choose something in which you have interest. He had optional maths, in which he scored quite well. Apart from being interested in optional, it is also important to see if you get marks in that subject.

Experience advice
Experience suggests that it is important to always be serious about preparing for the exam. Read selected books again and again. Practice hard. Read all the hours, read it diligently. So that no part is left in the last due to confusion.

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