IAS Success Story: Schoolmen did not give admit card to Nitin due to fear of failure, become IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Nitin Shakya: Dr. Nitin Shakya has shown that if anything is prepared with complete dedication, then there is definitely success in it. Nitin was once less than an average student. But he always continued to study. First MBBS and then post graduation in anesthesia and lastly UPSC exam success. Let’s know about his journey.

The school people refused to give the admit card
Nitin was very weak in studies. In view of this, the school refused to give them the admit card. Because the school thought that if they take the exam, it will fail, which will spoil the name of the school. After this, Nitin’s mother went to school and talked to the teachers, after which she got the admit card. After this, Nitin made a strategy and worked very hard despite remaining very few days in the exam. He not only passed the exam but also topped in many subjects. At that time Nitin realized that if a person works hard then anything is possible.

Never lost courage
Nitin took both PMT and JEE exams after passing 12th standard. He got selected in PMT. After this, he completed his graduation from Medical College. Then Nitin did his post graduation in anesthesia. However, he faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning. Because he belonged to the ordinary background and he did not have a special grip in English. But he never lost courage.

Watch the video of the interview given by Dr. Nitin Shakya to the Delhi Knowledge Track

Hard work
In the first attempt, Nitin passed all the three stages of the exam. But he was not selected by number ten. After the first attempt, he was unable to pass the Mains exam in the second exam. In the third attempt, he could not clear the pre this time either. This was the time when he began to feel that the civil service was not for him. After this, at the behest of family members, he agreed to make one last attempt. This time Nitin prepared with utmost diligence and hard work and finally he got selected and he got his desired post too.

Nitin’s advice
Nitin says that whenever there are failures in life, then they should not stop considering them as a roadblock. Always learn from those things and move forward. Keep working hard you will get success.

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