IAS Success Story: UPSC Topper to become Mandar in first attempt without coaching, know how


Success Story of IAS Topper Mandar Jayantrao Patki: UPSC’s journey of Mandar Patki in Maharashtra is truly an example for the people. The most important thing is that Mandar never took any coaching for the preparation of UPSC exam. Despite all these things, Mandar passed the UPSC examination with 22nd rank in his first attempt.

During an interview, Mandar said that there are many myths about UPSC exam, from which you should get out. It is believed that if your educational background is good then your chances of success are high. He says that all this does not matter. The most important thing that matters is how much hard work there is in you. If you prepare with dedication, no one can stop you from being successful. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Mandar Patki has shared many important things.

Study by planning
Mandar says that one should always plan and study. He says that the most important thing is to choose the right guidance and the right resources. Mandar revived Limited Resource and Multiple during his preparation. Due to which he got success in the first time itself. He did not insist on reading more books, rather he used to revise what he has read again and again. Used to make notes of what seemed necessary.

Practice fiercely in answer writing
Mandar says that the choice of the optional should be done very thoughtfully. It does a very important job from your selection to rank. So choose something that interests you. Along with preparing for the books from men, practice answer writing fiercely. This will help in increasing your score. It is very important to write an answer correctly. Read NCERT books, news paper for current affairs. Insist on revising fiercely one month before the exam.

Watch the video of interview given by Mandar Patki to the Delhi Knowledge Track


Mentor advice
Mandar says that everything should be done by planning well. This will not spend much of your time. Continue all efforts from your side and do not take stress. It is very important to take a break in the middle of studies. On the day you prepare yourself for hard work, the paths are automatically opened. So keep trying.

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