IAS Success Story: Development of Hindi medium passed UPSC exams and become an IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Vikash Meena: RaVikas Meena, born in a small village of Mahwa in Jasthan, brought the name of the entire family to light. Today, examples of his name are given in the family and surrounding areas. Vikas completed his early education from here. His father wanted Vikas and his brothers to go into the field of civil service. Vikas went to Jaipur for graduation after completing 12th. After this, both brothers moved to Delhi. Where he started preparing for UPSC. Finally, in the year 2017, Vikas got success and he was selected. In the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, Vikas has shared some important things.

Initially scared about Hindi medium
Vikas told that when he came to Delhi for preparation, the performance of Hindi mediums in UPSC is going very bad. Due to which he was a little scared in the beginning. Because he himself belonged to Hindi medium. But he did not let this matter dominate his mind and started preparing.

Don’t panic
Vikas says that in preparation for the pre exam, many students get scared a few days before the exam. Students start to feel that they do not know anything, they start to feel blanks themselves. At this time, students should not panic. Rather your fear should be ejected completely. Take proper sleep with it a day before the paper. Should go with Fresh Mind in the examination hall.

Watch here the interview given by Vikas Meena to Delhi Knowledge Track


Fill OMR sheet carefully
Vikas says that every question that comes in the exam is very important. Therefore, every question should be given full importance. First of all, you should solve those questions which come then after that, see those questions which do not come at all. With this, be careful while filling the OMR sheet.

Keep everything in mind before the exam
Vikas says never carry the admit card, ID, black point pen, etc. with you in the exam hall. Collect these things a day in advance and keep them in one place. So that time is not wasted in searching these at the last minute. You are in any medium. Build confidence on yourself.

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