IAS Success Story: How Raina became an IAS officer from a village in Jharkhand, how difficult the journey was


Success Story of IAS Topper Rena Jamil: Raina Jamil of a small village in Jharkhand has become an ideal for people today. Raina was born in a family where he was always supported to study and move forward. This is the reason why Raina considers herself very lucky. Raina’s family never stopped him from going away to college. This is the reason why he made his family’s name bright. She had achieved a lot of degrees even before passing the UPSC exam. He spoke openly about his journey in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track. Let’s know in detail …

This is how the journey started
Raina got his early education from the village school. Which was an Urdu school. After completing his education from Urdu school, he graduated and after that he completed post graduation. After post graduation, he took a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education degree. The best thing during his studies was that his family members did not put any pressure on Raina. He had a Zoology subject in post graduation. In the UPSC examination too, he made his optional also in Zoology. After taking three degrees, Raina decided to enter the UPSC field.

Elder brother helped
Raina, who was a student of science side, had a lot of difficulty in reading and understanding the arts subject. In this difficult time, his elder brother supported him. Raina’s brother was selected for the IRS service through UPSC examination some time back.

Strategy is important
Raina told that you should make a good strategy and work on it to pass the exam. You can watch interviews of toppers to create a strategy. Also, you can take advice from other UPSC candidates. It is very important to clear basics. NCERT books can help you in this.

Watch the interview given by Raina Jamil on the Delhi Knowledge Track


Raina’s advice
Raina believes that it is very important to be patient to pass the exam because it takes more time than passing other exams. Raina received 882 rank in the year 2016 effort, which earned him the Indian Information Service. Although he joined the training, but his mind was always focused towards the post of IAS. This was the reason that she gave the exam again but due to training, she could not prepare properly, due to which she could not even pass the pre. After which he took leave and reached his destination in the third time.

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