IAS Success Story: UPSC preparations started with engineering, due to precise strategy, Srishti became the topper in the first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Srushti Jayant Deshmukh: Today, you will tell the story of Srishti Jayant Deshmukh, who became an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination, who fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in the first attempt. Not only this, he obtained All India Rank 5 in UPSC 2018 examination. He started preparing for UPSC during his engineering and that is why his strategy proved to be very effective. His story can prove to be inspiring for many people.

This is how UPSC took care
Originally from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Srishti enrolled in engineering after intermediate. In the third year of engineering, she wondered if she could do the job of engineer all her life. In such a situation, he decided to prepare for UPSC. He started preparing for UPSC from the third year itself. After graduation, he strengthened the preparation further and passed the examination in the first attempt.

Stay away from negative people
Srishti believes that if you want to succeed in UPSC exam then you should stay away from negative people. She says that during preparation such people will try to demotivate you, which will affect your performance. In such a situation, keep yourself away and focus on your goal. If you will be able to do this then it will be good for you.

See here interview given to Srishti’s Delhi Knowledge Track

Srishti’s advice to other candidates

Srishti believes that during the preparation of UPSC, you have to keep calm and work hard. If you prepare without stress, then it will be better for you. According to him, during preparation, make a distance from social media and do yoga. If you remain mentally fit, then you will be able to write your answers in this exam in a better way. They believe that everyone works hard in UPSC, but those who work in the right direction get quick success.

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