Alia Bhatt shared Kovid helpline number, verified service number up to Maharashtra – Kerala


The country is badly affected by the second wave of Corona virus epidemic. Thousands of deaths are happening in a day and millions are getting infected with corona. In such a situation, thousands of people are going ahead and doing these affected ones according to their methods and capacity. From the common man, many TV and Bollywood celebs have come forward to help people.

Some actresses have also come forward to help people in the era of Corona. Alia Bhatt’s name is also included in these. Alia Bhatt, after staying in about 20 quarantines, has started the social cause by defeating the corona virus. She is active on Twitter and shares verified numbers from Maharashtra and Delhi to Punjab to help the Corona affected.

Work closely with journalist Faye D’Souza

Alia Bhatt, along with journalist Faye D’Souza, has planned to gather information related to Kovid 19 and share it on social media so that the right help can be reached to the people. Alia Bhatt has been sharing the list of Kovid-19 helpline numbers of different cities of the country for the last few days.

Spread the right notifications

Alia Bhatt told the people through her post, “This is a period of uncertainties. Infrastructure and information are the need of these moments. Whatever we can do for infrastructure is very short time. But we will keep the information of relevant information Can identify and try to increase them. “

Helpline number of many states and cities
Alia Bhatt has shared helpline numbers for Kovid-19 in various states and their cities including Punjab, Kerala, Gujarat and Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai on their Instagram posts.

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