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IAS Success Story: Leaving American company job and preparing for UPSC, Divya became IAS in second attempt without coaching


Success Story of IAS Topper Divya Shakti: Today, you will tell the story of Divya Shakti, who became an IAS officer after getting success in UPSC exam 2019, whose dream was fulfilled in the second attempt. Divya prepared for UPSC by staying at home and showed her passing the exam due to better strategy and hard work. After seeing his seniors in college, UPSC got the idea of ​​UPSC. Despite this, he joined the job and after thinking about UPSC again, decided to prepare.

First attempt made without preparation

Divya is originally from Muzaffarpur in Bihar. He earned a master’s degree in economics after doing B.Tech. After completion of studies, he got a job in an American company. He worked for about 2 years. During this time, he decided to go into the civil service and made the first attempt without preparation. Actually, he tried to know what the pattern of UPSC exam is like by giving the first attempt. Accordingly, he prepared for the second time and also showed success.

Trusted in self study

After the first attempt, Divya quit her job and started preparing only by staying in Muzaffarpur. He considered studying self-study better than coaching and started studying according to his strategy. After working hard, he took the exam in the year 2019 and attained the All India Rank 79. In this way, his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled.

Watch here Divya’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Divya’s advice to other candidates
Divya believes that you decide your career carefully. Once you are clear about your goal, then start preparing with full hard work. You can prepare for UPSC exams by sitting at home after working with better strategy and hard work. For this, you can also take help of internet. If you try in the right direction, then you can pass this exam.

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