IAS Success Story: Seeing officers made up mind to go to UPSC, failed twice, gave up and Ankush got success


Success Story of IAS Topper Ankush Kothari: Today, you will tell the story of Ankush Kothari, who succeeded in UPSC exam 2019, who passed this exam in his third attempt. Ankush, who graduated from IIT, was so impressed with some officers during his internship that he decided to go into this field. He believed that he would definitely pass this exam. He reached the interview round in the first two attempts, but he was not named in the final list. Finally, in the third attempt, he fulfilled his dream by achieving All India Rank 429.

Faced with all the conflicts

Ankush’s mother is a principal in a private school and his dream was to become an officer by passing the UPSC exam. Ankush’s parents had separated from each other long ago. In such a situation, he was raised by his mother. He faced all the difficulties in his life. However, amidst all this, he took the entrance exam of IIT after intermediate and got admission in IIT. There has been a lot of change in his life from here.

19 Left job offer with a package of lakh rupees

After graduation from IIT Kanpur, Ankit got an offer of salary of Rs 19 lakhs per annum, but he turned down the offer to prepare for UPSC. He was very clear about his goal and that is why he worked hard and fulfilled his dream by passing this exam. The special thing is that he did not join any kind of coaching for preparation. On the basis of self study, he achieved success and showed it.

Watch here Ankush’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Curb advice to other candidates

Ankush believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to work hard with patience. They believe that it is only due to self study that you can pass this exam. Ankush believes that if you have limited resources, then prepare your strategy with them. You can pass this exam even when there is lack of resources, just you should have passion for the exam.

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