World Book and Copyright Day 2021: Books also give you an understanding of life with knowledge


It is said that books are man’s best friend. Although a special day is not required to read books, but still for this, World Book Day is celebrated on 23 April. This day was first started in the year 1995. And it was started by UNESCO. It is said to have been chosen on 23 April because on this day the birth and death anniversaries of William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, Mamuel Sejia Vallejo, Miguel de Saraventus, Joseph Pla, Inca Garcillaso de la Vega’s death anniversary and Manuel Vallejo, Morris Druon and Hallador Laxenes have birth anniversaries.

Apart from knowledge in books, there is also entertainment

In the era of social media, some people think that only books full of knowledge are found in books and that is the reason why many people do not like to read them. But let us tell you that books increase our knowledge as well as entertain us. In these, we get many such stories which are quite interesting. Many such places are also found in the world where people want to read books but they do not have access to them. Therefore, on the day of Book Day, many people also work to deliver books to the needy.

Many programs are organized

Along with this, many programs are also kept on this special day. Where many big writers are called and honored. Along with this, prizes are also given to those who publish books on this day. Many people gather on this special day and discuss books in literature committees. People are made aware to read books.

Some famous statements –

– & lsquo; Finishing a book is equivalent to leaving a good friend & rsquo; – William Feather

– & lsquo; Forget eating food, but don’t forget a book & rsquo; – Jim Ron

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