World BooK Day 2021: Know why World Book Day is celebrated, know many interesting things related to it.


Every year on 23 April & nbsp; Worldwide Book Day & rsquo; Is celebrated & nbsp; This day is also called World Book and Copyright Day. World Book Day is celebrated to recognize and promote the benefits of reading books, publishing and copyright. Books are an integral part of everyone’s life. These not only increase our knowledge but also play the role of true friend in loneliness. To promote the habit of reading, World Book Day is organized by UNESCO every year. This year, the 25th edition of World Book Day will be celebrated.

Why April 23 is celebrated World Book Day

One reason for celebrating April 23 as World Book Day is that many prominent writers were born or died on this day. William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Josep Playa died on 23 April while Manuel Mejia Vallejo and Maurice Drune were born on 23 April.

UNESCO started celebrating World Book Day on 23 April 1995

On World Book Day, UNESCO and its other affiliates also elect the World Book Capital for the coming year. The purpose of this is that programs should be organized around books for the next one year. By the way, the purpose of celebrating World Book Day across the world is that people come to know about the importance of books. UNESCO started celebrating this day on 23 April 1995. The decision was taken at a UNESCO general meeting in Paris that World Book Day will be celebrated every year to honor and pay tribute to writers around the world and to awaken interest in books. Promoting literacy around the world through this day is also a motive.

World Book Day is celebrated in different ways in the world

World Book Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries of the world. Books are distributed free of cost and competitions are organized elsewhere. The Reading Marathon is held in Spain for two days. At the end of it, a writer is awarded the Miguel de Sarvantis Award. On this day, writing competitions are held in schools and colleges in Sweden. This year there is skepticism over such an event due to corona infection.

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