IAS Success Story: I had dream of becoming an IAS officer since childhood, failed in UPSC’s first attempt, corrected mistakes and initiated


Success Story of IAS Topper Deeksha Jain: Today, you will tell the story of Deeksha Jain, who passed the UPSC examination and became an IAS officer, who got this success in the second attempt. He failed in the first attempt but he learned from it and corrected those mistakes the second time. In this way, he gave the next attempt in a much better way and achieved success. He enjoyed his UPSC journey and achieved All India Rank 22.

Father is an IPS officer

Deeksha Jain’s father is an IPS officer and that is why he had a desire to go into this field since childhood. Deeksha was very smart in studies and after graduation she got an MA degree from English. After this, he started preparing for UPSC. His family supported him a lot to come to this area. This is the reason that his attitude was very positive about this exam.

UPSC’s journey was like this

UPSC’s journey of initiation was a little different than the others. When he faced failure in the examination for the first time, the family members created a good atmosphere and did not let them realize this. Also Motivate for the second attempt. In such a situation, Diksha worked harder for the second attempt. This time his luck also supported him and he fulfilled his dream.

See here the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track of initiation

Initiation advice to other candidates

Deeksha believes that while preparing for UPSC, you should also take special care of your mental health. If you remain mentally fit, then you will be able to do better in this exam. She says that if she continuously works in the right direction by making her strategy, then she will definitely pass this exam. They believe that you should not consider the preparation of UPSC as a burden and start enjoying it. This will greatly improve your performance.

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