IAS Success Story: UPSC preparations with full time job, failed four times, Roshan was successful in the fifth attempt with hard work


Success Story of IAS Topper Roshan Kumar: Today, you will tell the story of Roshan Kumar, who got success in UPSC exam 2018, who got this success in the fifth attempt. Despite failing four times, he did not lose courage and continued to work hard. During his journey, he faced many challenges, but he was determined to pass this exam. In the year 2018, he attained All India Rank 114. The special thing is that he made all these efforts with a full time job.

Kept myself motive

Roshan’s journey to UPSC was not easy, but he kept preparing with a positive attitude. By keeping himself motive, he learned from failures every time and took the exam with double vigor each time. They believe that preparing with a full time job is difficult but not impossible. If you will use your remaining time properly, then you can easily prepare for this exam.

Prepare secretly

They believe that you should prepare for UPSC in a secret manner. Apart from your family, you should not discuss this with anyone else. This creates a burden of expectations on you which affects your performance badly. He says that if you prepare by considering your job as a positive point, then you will be able to deal with the situation in a better way.

See here Roshan’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Illuminating other candidates

Roshan believes that to get success in UPSC exam, you have to practice answer writing as much as possible. After completing your syllabus, revise as much as possible. Instead of getting frustrated with the failures in UPSC, you should keep trying constantly. If you work honestly in the right direction, then you will definitely get success.

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