IAS Success Story: Failed twice in UPSC, stopped going home and Madhumita became IAS in third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Madhumita: Today, you will tell the story of Madhumita, who became an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination, who achieved this success in the third attempt. From the very beginning, his dream was to become an IAS officer, in which he did not even think of other options. After failing twice, she even stopped going home and was busy preparing. As a result, he attained All India Rank 86 in the third attempt. His story is very inspiring for all.

Preparation started after BBA and MA

Madhumita, originally from Panipat, Haryana, did her early education here. After intermediate he earned a BBA degree. Then post graduation in public administration. After this, he started preparing for UPSC. His family’s dream was to become an IAS officer, so he gave full support for the preparations. She started preparing for her stay away from home.

UPSC’s journey was like this

In the year 2017, Madhumita took the UPSC exam for the first time, in which she failed. After this, he tried again, in which he missed success due to some mistakes. After two consecutive failures, he changed his strategy and made a complete distance from home family and social media. She did not even attend her brother’s wedding. Due to hard work, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 86 in the third attempt.

Watch Madhumita’s interview on Delhi Knowledge Track

Madhumita’s advice to other candidates

Madhumita believes that to get success in UPSC exam, you have to work hard continuously. Apart from this, you should stay away from social media and other things and focus on study. After completing syllabus, practice answer writing and give maximum mock test. After this, identify your mistakes and rectify them. If you take care of these things, then you can definitely get success in UPSC.

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