IAS Success Story: During the preparation of UPSC, parents suffered an accident, financial crisis also took place, but due to hard work, Shekhar became successful


Success Story of IAS Topper Shekhar Kumar: Today, you will tell the story of Shekhar Kumar, who passed the UPSC exam in the year 2010, which is full of struggles. Shekhar left from a village in Bihar to prepare for UPSC. His journey to UPSC was extremely difficult but he never gave up in the face of challenges. Once during the preparation, his parents had an accident, once he missed the UPSC paper due to late arrival at the examination center. Finally, he got success in the third attempt.

Father’s dream was son became officer

Shekhar Kumar’s father, originally from Bihar, always wanted to send him to the civil service. Shekhar was not much interested about UPSC. Shekhar, studying from Hindi medium, also had to work very hard to improve English. However, for the dream of his family, Shekhar decided to come to UPSC and started preparing after working hard. They were determined to pass this exam in any condition and show it.

Faced all the troubles

While preparing for UPSC, his parents became an accident at that time. In this accident, his father went into a coma and half the mother’s body stopped working. In such a situation, he left his preparation and served his parents. When conditions returned to normal, he resumed his preparations.

In the first attempt, Shekhar got a failure in UPSC. When he arrived at the examination center for the second time to give the exam for Mains, the time of entry was over. In such a situation, he was not allowed to take the exam. This severely broke them. However, his family supported him and in the third attempt he achieved success.

See here Shekhar’s interview given on Delhi Knowledge Track

Shekhar’s advice to other candidates

Shekhar believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to be patient and prepare. There is no need to be disappointed with the failures found here and keep moving towards the goal continuously. You will also face many challenges in this journey, but you face them firmly. If you work hard in the right direction, then you will definitely get success in this exam.

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