IAS Success Story: Initial studies done in the village, then MBBS degree, then Pankaj got success in UPSC


Success Story of IAS Topper Pankaj Yadav: Today, you will tell the story of Pankaj Yadav, who became an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination, who came to this field after obtaining his MBBS degree. Actually, his dream was to be able to help the youth, in such a way, he thought UPSC better. After failing for the first time, Pankaj passed the UPSC examination twice in a row. His story is very interesting and inspiring to other people.

Admission to MBBS after intermediate

Pankaj is originally from a small village in Rewari district of Haryana. He got his early education from a government school here. With limited resources, Pankaj gave the entrance exam of MBBS and got success in it. After this, he obtained an MBBS degree. During this time, he made up his mind to go to UPSC and started preparing.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Pankaj’s journey to UPSC was about 4 years long. They reached the interview round in the first attempt, but their name did not appear in the final list. By reaching the interview round in the first attempt, his confidence increased and in the year 2018, he passed the UPSC examination in the second attempt. However, this time his rank was 589, which did not give the rank of IAS. In such a situation, he tried again and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 56 in 2019.

Watch Pankaj’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Pankaj’s advice to other candidates

Pankaj believes that by using the same resources that you have, you can fulfill your dream. According to them, if you are preparing for the UPSC exam, then with that hard work get involved in it. If you are determined to pass the exam, then you can definitely get success in it. They say that many times it will take time for you to get success here, but keep preparing with patience.

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