IAS Success Story: UPSC’s attitude after graduation from IIT, failed in first attempt, but Abhijeet became IAS by adopting right strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Abhijeet Sinha: Today, you will tell the story of Abhijeet Sinha, who became an IAS officer after receiving All India Rank 19 in UPSC Exam 2017. He got success in the second attempt. In the first attempt also reached the interview round but could not make it to the final list. Despite the failure, his confidence increased greatly and in the second attempt, due to the right strategy, he achieved the success and became a IAS officer.

JEE Exam Passed After Intermediate

Abhijeet was always smart in studies and he passed the JEE exam after passing the intermediate examination. In this, he achieved a good rank, on the basis of which he got IIT Kanpur. From here, he obtained a B.Tech degree. Instead of pursuing a job after BTech, he decided to try his luck at UPSC. His family also supported him in this decision. What was it then? They started preparing.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Abhijeet started UPSC preparations soon after completion of his graduation. He worked hard by making the right strategy. As a result, they reached the interview after passing the pre and main exam in the first attempt. He was not able to make a place in the final list. Abhijeet’s confidence increased further after the first attempt. He was confident that he would pass this exam in the next attempt. This happened too, in the second attempt in the year 2019, he completed his UPSC journey by getting a very good rank.

Watch the interview given to Abhijeet’s Delhi Knowledge Track

Abhijeet’s advice to other candidates

Abhijeet believes that you have to be completely dedicated to clear the UPSC exam. After seeing your syllabus, prepare a good study material and start studying with hard work from it. He believes that if you work hard in the right direction, you will definitely get success in UPSC. They say that after completing your syllabus, do an answer writing practice. It plays a very important role during the examination.

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