IAS Success Story: UPSC failed pre-exam three times in a row, but Karthik succeeded in fourth attempt after working hard


Success Story of IAS Topper MV Satya Sai Karthik: Today, you will tell the story of MV Sathya Sai Karthik, who achieved All India Rank 103 in UPSC Exam 2019, who took a very long time to achieve his goal. He got this success in the fourth attempt. The surprising thing is that in the first three attempts, he was not able to pass the UPSC exam, but despite this he did not lose courage and kept preparing himself keeping positive. He was confident that he would pass this exam and he fought hard for it.

UPSC’s path chosen after intermediate

Karthik was intelligent in studies from the beginning and after intermediate he enrolled in computer engineering. During this time he participated in the state level cricket competition. During graduation, he decided to come to UPSC and started preparing. It was a new field for Karthik but he accepted the challenges and was determined to achieve his goal.

How to start preparations

First of all, Karthik saw the syllabus of UPSC and accordingly prepared the study material. After this, he strengthened his base. He also joined a coaching for preparation. With the help of coaching, he made his preparations and then started the practice of answer writing. He believes that answer writing plays an important role to achieve success in UPSC and every candidate must do it.

Watch Karthik’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Karthik’s advice to other candidates

Karthik believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to be physically and mentally strong. Often people are unable to pay attention to their mental health during preparation and due to this their preparation is also affected. In such a situation, try to keep 15 to 20 minutes in your schedule for meditation, yoga and other activities. Apart from this, there should not be panic from failures and keep moving towards your goal continuously.

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