IAS Success Story: Prepared for UPSC with Job, but failed twice, then quit job and became IAS due to self study


Success Story of IAS Topper Sarjana Yadav: Often people feel that coaching is very important to get success in UPSC exam. But Sarjana Yadav, who became All India Rank 126 in UPSC examination 2019, has become an example for such people, who are preparing without coaching. Sarjana got success in the third attempt in UPSC. The special thing is that he did not join any type of coaching for the preparation of UPSC. He achieved his goal with the help of self study.

Decided to come to UPSC during job

While doing the job, Sarjana got the idea of ​​going to UPSC and she started preparing with the job itself. Sarjna used to prepare with complete strategy in the time she got after the job. However, he did not get success in the first attempt. She also made a second attempt with a full time job in which she failed. Eventually, he quit the job and did a tremendous self-study to prepare for the third attempt. His strategy worked and he got success.

Sarjana’s opinion about coaching

Sarjana believes that if you are preparing for UPSC, then first assess yourself. If you feel that you need guidance and coaching, then you can join coaching. Apart from this, if you cannot join coaching, then you can stay at home and prepare for self study. According to him, when you do self study, new ideas come to mind and you can learn better from them. This is the reason for your success.

Watch Sarjna’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Advise to other candidates

Sarjana believes that you should work hard for the preparation of UPSC. There is no shortcut to get success here and you have to pass this exam through proper medium. After completing your syllabus, revise it frequently and make notes. Apart from this, check the mock test paper, identify your mistakes and rectify them immediately. If you prepare for UPSC in this way, then you will definitely get success.

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